We are a hybrid edtech/fintech organization with revolutionary technologies that empower students aged 3 to18 to learn financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career (FLEC) skills.

We’ve designed, developed, and globally patented a technology solution, Life Hub, that focuses on experiential learning techniques and AI/ML to build positive, lifelong behaviors and skills around financial, entrepreneurship, and career development education.


Life Hub Jobs is a “Hub” for catalyzing social impact, partnerships, collaboration, and coordinated action grounded in experiential real-world learning and evidence-based strategies that create measurable value and impact in the lives of students.

Our vision is nations where their young men and women have the opportunity to learn how to build foundational skills around financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career development.


Why Life Hub Jobs

Life Hub Jobs is an online and mobile platform that empowers students aged 6 to 18 to learn how-to-earn by performing edu-tasks, and jobs at home, school, and in their community. Life Hub Jobs enables students to build earning and income generation skills, a critical and principal part of financial education.

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