Career and Work

Being Prepared for Getting a Job

How does being ready for employment impact on future happiness?

The statistics speak for themselves



People who are prepared for their careers report 55% higher life satisfaction scores, indicating a direct link between career readiness and overall happiness



Those who are career-ready are 30% more likely to achieve their financial goals, contributing to financial security and happiness



Individuals who undergo career readiness programs report 60% higher job satisfaction due to better alignment of their skills, interests and job

Financial literacy plays a crucial role in enhancing happiness by providing individuals with the tools they need to make informed financial decisions, reducing stress and anxiety related to money management. When people understand how to budget, save, and invest, they feel more secure and in control of their financial future. This confidence translates into higher overall satisfaction and well-being, as financial stability is a significant contributor to a stress-free and happy life.

Hands-on experiential learning – such as using Life Hub is especially powerful. 

By engaging in practical activities, such as managing their monthly Life Hub earnings through their Life Hub Visa Card, budgeting to make their money last, and save for what they want, provides a 360 approach to learning, that they can’t get anywhere else.

The Life Hub method helps kids see see the real-world impact of their financial choices. 

This active learning approach not only solidifies their understanding of financial concepts but also builds confidence in their ability to apply these skills in everyday life. 

Experiential learning fosters a deeper, more intuitive grasp of financial management, leading to smarter decisions, greater financial security, and ultimately, a happier and more fulfilling life