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The World's first Learn to Earn career readiness, business skills, and hands-on money management app. Endorsed by educators. Trusted by home school parents. Loved by kids. Life Hub. Where learning pays off - literally.


Dollars Earned by Kids


Edu Jobs Completed

Financial Literacy

Directly influences future job security, stable housing, and overall health by enabling kids to manage debt, save effectively, and invest in their futures, leading to more stable and fulfilling lives.


Prepares kids with critical skills to enter and thrive in the workforce, adapting to evolving industry demands and securing stable employment



Fosters creativity and strategic thinking, enabling future ability to launch and manage businesses, drive economic innovation, and create jobs


Life Hub Approach

Learn Work Skills by edu jobs

Kid Earn Real Cash for Every Edu-Job

Choose from a library of over 2000 FLEC (Financial Literacy, Education and Career Readiness) learning modules.
  • Tailor each student's learning path by selecting modules that align with their individual career aspirations and financial goals.
  • Utilize real-world scenarios and interactive tools within the modules to enhance practical understanding and application of financial and career planning concepts.
  • Interactive Banking Features: Integrates familiar banking tools into the dashboard, teaching kids how to manage their earnings like a bank account, with deposits, withdrawals, and balance tracking.
  • Educational Content: Embedded within the job and earnings management tools are educational modules that help kids learn about financial principles, banking operations, and responsible money management.

Save, spend, give & invest the earned income

  • Spend: Life Hub provides practical budgeting tools and personalized spending plans that teach kids how to manage their expenses effectively, ensuring they can make the most of their financial resources.
  • Save: Through Life Hub, kids can access savings strategies and tools that help them set achievable goals, track progress, and build a secure financial cushion for the future.
  • Earn: Life Hub offers career readiness modules and job market insights that enable kids to enhance their earning potential by identifying and pursuing lucrative career opportunities.
  • Invest: Kids can learn investment fundamentals with Life Hub’s tailored educational content, helping them to make informed decisions about stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles to grow their wealth.
  • Give: Life Hub encourages responsible financial stewardship and community involvement by educating kids on charitable giving and the impact of philanthropy on personal and community well-being.

Manage jobs & finances on one cool dashboard

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  • Reporting & Analysis
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Life Hub
VISA Debit Card

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Earnings Credit

Earnings paid onto to Life Hub VISA Debit Card


  • $1 to $5 paid to learners upon completion of each Edu-Job
  • Paid monthly - their first regular salary.
  • Earning, learning, spending and savings itemized on their personal dashboard

Free Life Hub VISA debit card with no monthly fees

Life Hub VISA debit cards are FREE and there are NO monthly or usage fees.

Allocate money from Life Hub Visa Debit Card to goals buckets

Children’s earnings are credited to their Life Hub VISA Debit Cards every payday Friday.

Elegant dashboard to track earnings & spending

Children, parents, and mentors track earnings and spending performances on easy-to-read Power BI dashboards.

Get special offers, rewards & cashback

Receive special offers from partner retailers and cashback on spending.

Security & support you can rely on

We use secure processes and systems to protect your and your children’s data and information.

Animated Shape

Trusted by Educators


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