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Life Hub Jobs is a unique platform where active/retired educators, industry experts, content writers, and trade professionals come together to design and create edu-tasks, jobs, and projects for students aged 7 to 12.

You are called Job Designers because that’s what you do, you design edu-tasks, jobs, and projects that students perform on the platform. You have absolute creative liberty to design and create content based on your skills and expertise. So ahead and register to be a Jobs Designer and start creating amazing educational content for students.

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Like us, education is your passion, and providing economic opportunities for students is your cause but monetizing your skills and time is important for sustainability.

We provide you with two ways to monetize your work on Life Hub Jobs – premium content, and subscription packages. Once you register with us, we will provide you with details on how you can monetize your work on the platform.

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Job Designers are active and retired educators, youth content writers, trade professionals, learning experts, industry authors, and experts
who design, create and publish edu-tasks, and jobs based on their experiences, expertise, and skills on Life Hub Jobs

Patrick Kulp

Patrick Kulp

Chief Microsoft Instructor

Patrick has been a technology, science, STEM, math, and Microsoft educator for students K-11th grade for the past 8 years. He has hosted and been an instructor of over a hundred online classes for students including on OutSchool.
Susan Rakes

Susan Rakes

Job Designer & Coach

Susan’s career spans 25 years in education, including innovative education, community programming, project management, integrated instruction, the arts, STEM, technology, and emotional intelligence.
Fachon Williams

Fachon Williams

Job Designer & Coach

Fachon has been a secondary educator for 10 years as well as a content and instructional designer. She has her Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction: Educational Technology.
Ricki Millevolte

Ricki Millevolte

Job Designer & Coach

Ricki has 17 years of national and international success as an educator including in early childhood education.
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