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Life Hub Jobs is a unique platform where active/retired educators, industry experts, content writers, and trade professionals come together to design and create micro-tasks, jobs, and projects for children aged 7 to 12.

You are called Job Designers because that’s what you do, you design micro-tasks, jobs, and projects that children perform on the platform. You have absolute creative liberty to design and create content based on your skills and expertise. So ahead and register to be a Jobs Designer and start creating amazing educational content for children.

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How It Works

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Design micro-tasks, jobs and
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Review children’s micro-tasks, jobs
and projects so they learn how to earn

Monetize your task, job and
project designs in severel ways

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Monetize your Job Designs

Like us, education is your passion, and providing economic opportunities for children is your cause but monetizing your skills and time is important for sustainability.

We provide you with two ways to monetize your work on Life Hub Jobs – premium content, and subscription packages. Once you register with us, we will provide you with details on how you can monetize your work on the platform.

To help you better understand what you will be creating and designing for Life Hub Jobs, you can download sample tasks, jobs, and projects. You may also email us for more information.

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Job Designers are a vital part of our mission to deliver quality and effective learning content to children
and you, as Job Designers, help us do with your expertise and skills

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