Microsoft learning

Why Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is currently used by 90% of all businesses which means today’s children will most likely be using Microsoft’s office suite in their careers whether they are employees or entrepreneurs themselves tomorrow as adults.

At technology-driven workplaces, employers expect employees to have a working knowledge of Microsoft suite of programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Ensuring children are taught how to use these programs will set them up for success when they enter the workforce.

Microsoft 365 for Education

Children Do Edu-Tasks and
Jobs using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Microsoft 365 for Education is provided to educational
institutions at no cost. We are a Microsoft 365 for
Education customer, and we provide it to our young
users at no cost so they can learn how to earn using
the most popular productivity tools in the workplace

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Word is the simplest to use productivity tool and children as young as 6 years can start using Word to create and write documents. With Life Hub Jobs, Word will be the go-to tool for children to create, write and submit their work for the edu-tasks, jobs, and projects.



Microsoft says children as young as 6 or 7 can start using Excel to create simple spreadsheets. For Life Hub Jobs, children will sometimes need to use Excel to do the edu-tasks, jobs, and projects, including research projects that require showing numbers.



Children aged 7 can begin using PowerPoint to create colorful presentations for projects. With Life Hub Jobs, children will be tasked to perform simple research and then create PowerPoint presentations about that research and its conclusions.


Easy-to-Read Dashboards
for Learning Performance

Data is essential in education and Life Hub Jobs
deploys Microsoft Power BI to deliver the analytics
and visualizations for the children’s learning
engagements, progress, and performances. This
data is displayed on easy-to-read and colorful
dashboards for children, parents, mentors,
and Job Designers.

Microsoft Power BI