You wouldn’t send your child out into a blizzard without a coat. So why let them navigate adulthood without the vital skills to manage money and face life’s biggest challenges? 

The reality is stark: the majority of students leave high school without the basic financial acumen, leading to long-term problems such as job insecurity, relationship issues, and even mental health challenges. Financial literacy is not just about understanding money; it’s about securing a happy, stable future.

The facts speak for themselves

Lack of Financial Preparation Leads to Adulthood Struggles

  • A study by the National Endowment for Financial Education highlights that only 24% of millennials demonstrate basic financial literacy, emphasizing the need for early financial education to prepare better for adulthood challenges.
  • Strong Link Between Financial Literacy and Personal Well-being
    • Research from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) indicates that individuals with higher financial literacy are less likely to face financial hardships, citing a direct correlation between personal financial management skills and lower stress levels.
  • Financial Education Influences Career Success
    • According to a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), individuals who received early financial education are more likely to create successful careers and less likely to be unemployed.
  • Early Financial Education Boosts Entrepreneurial Skills
    • A study by the Kauffman Foundation found that early exposure to financial concepts boosts entrepreneurial skills, with financially literate youth 1.5 times more likely to start their own businesses.
  • Financial Literacy Reduces Debt and Increases Savings
    • The National Financial Educators Council reports that high school students who were required to take financial education courses were significantly more likely to have lower credit card debt and higher savings rates in their later years.

Make Them Future-Proof

The world doesn’t wait. Why should your child wait until they are in crisis to learn real life lessons? At Life Hub, we believe in equipping children with the skills today for the challenges of tomorrow. Our curriculum makes sure no child is left behind, providing the education and tools they need to succeed in adulthood. 

With over 2000 online bite-sized lessons—or Edu-Jobs—to choose from, Life Hub offers a complete FLEC (Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Career Education) curriculum for children aged 6 to 18.

Our approach is about immediate engagement—real-time, real-life learning and earning. These aren’t just lessons; they are transformative experiences that convert passive learning into active engagement. Here’s how Life Hub equips your children for the future:

  • By integrating real-world money making with a FLEC curriculum of educational content, Life Hub Jobs offers a unique blend of learning and personal development that prepares young individuals for the future.
  • Our unique “Earn as You Learn” model is designed to motivate, engage, and empower students by integrating financial incentives directly into their educational journey. We’re changing the game for learners – and their piggy banks – around the globe.

What Are Edu-Jobs?

Edu-Jobs are tailored, bite-sized educational tasks that allow students to explore various subjects and topics through real-world applications. By completing these Edu-Jobs, students not only gain knowledge and skills but also earn money, making learning an actively rewarding experience.

Real Money for Real Learning

Opportunity for students to earn real money—ranging from $1 to $5 per Edu-Job—by completing educational tasks:

  • Empowers students with financial rewards for their learning efforts, fostering a deeper commitment to education and enhancing their understanding of financial management.

Edu-Jobs: ‘Earn as You Learn’

  • Over 2,000 bite-size learning opportunities across 68 diverse topics and subjects, each designed to contribute to students’ learning journey while offering them a chance to earn, appreciate, and manage real money. Ranging from $1 to $5 per job – many learners regularly earn $50-$100 per month.
  • Directly connects the act of learning with earning, significantly boosting motivation and engagement. Students gain practical knowledge and skills, preparing them for future challenges while earning money, which teaches them the value of work and education.

Tailor-made learning opportunities allowing students to select from over 2,000 Edu-Jobs across 68 different topics:

  • Promotes a highly adaptable and personalized learning experience, catering to individual interests and career aspirations. The flexibility of the curriculum ensures that learning is always relevant and engaging.

Trusted by Schools and Youth Organisations Nationwide

Our youth love “Life Hub”… Out of the gate, we saw high levels of engagement and increased attendance.
I like the choices it gives youth to decide what they want to learn, and how much money they want to make by learning things about careers or life in general.
When our Academy Prep Scholars participated in their first Edu-job “Design Your Lifestyle”, I knew right then that we, had hit a grand slam!
We didn’t expect was impact it has had on overall student engagement, increased attendance, better academic performance, improved self-esteem, and higher rates of parental/guardian participation. In all my years as an educator, I’ve never seen anything like Life Hub!
Life Hub is opening their eyes to possibilities and introducing them to new ideas.”
I love hearing my students talk about how they are working to make money with LIFE HUB to buy things they want. They can clearly differentiate wants vs needs and also understand it’s their money that they can save or spend.
I literally have no words!! It is wonderful! Thank you for allowing them to be able to have this experience
We’ve seen many of our mentees adopt ‘Life Hub’ as an important part of their lives that allows them to engage, learn, perform educational jobs, earn income, and then spend or save those earnings
In all my years as an educator, I’ve never seen anything like Life Hub
When I first heard of Life Hub I realised that teaching financial literacy is a no-brainer.
Life Hub has allowed my mentees an opportunity to learn skills that are going to help them have a productive life.
My fellow The Yass Prize alum and friend Wendell Scales Jr., M.A. introduced me to Life Hub Jobs, an innovative platform that empowers young people with financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career readiness skills by merging the digital landscape with practical, hands-on learning.

Proven Engagement Boost

  • Studies show a 90% increase in engagement when learning is incentivized with cash rewards.
  • The significant uplift in engagement levels highlights the effectiveness of the “Earn as You Learn” model, ensuring students are more likely to absorb and retain information, complete courses, and actively participate in their educational development.

Financial Literacy Through Real-World Experience

  • Integrated financial education technology and a no-fee Life Hub VISA Debit Card.
  • Empowers students with the financial literacy necessary for independence and success, providing hands-on experience with managing earnings from Edu-Jobs.

Flexible and Self-Directed Learning Paths

  • Self-paced and self-directed learning that puts students in control of their educational journey.
  • Encourages a sense of responsibility and autonomy, enhancing the learning experience with the added incentive of earning money through Edu-Jobs.

Accessible Learning Anywhere

  • Platform accessible through web, mobile, and tablet apps.
  • Ensures every student has the opportunity to learn and earn regardless of their location, making education and financial earnings more accessible.

Engagement and Achievement Support

  • Includes live training, interactive quizzes, and productivity training, along with badges, certifications, and awards.
  • Keeps students engaged and motivated, recognizing their achievements in both education and earnings, and encouraging continuous learning and growth.

Tracking Success and Earnings

  • Advanced dashboards and reporting tools for tracking educational progress and earnings.
  • Allows students and parents to visualize the results of the “Earn as You Learn” model, linking educational achievements with tangible rewards.

From Passive Learners to Active Earners

Life Hub changes the game. Here, kids don’t just sit and learn—they do and earn. Our practical, hands-on approach ensures that lessons learned are immediately applicable. Whether it’s planning a budget, saving for goals

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