We are on a mission to launch a million happy futures.

We are getting real. Whether we like it or not, money makes the world go round—through earning, giving, spending, saving, or investing. We teach kids “happy–life” skills through hands-on learning, real-world earning, and banking, skills they won't get from a book.

Mission: We’re turning education into action, transforming passive learners into future-proof earners.

We're kickstarting self-sufficiency and savvy decision-making, setting the stage for a generation to handle the challenges of adulthood and thrive in all aspects of life.

Our learn and earn ecosystem not only prepares a generation to thrive in adulthood but also strengthens the economy, reduces mental health burdens, and lowers crime rates making a profound impact on society.

Our Commitment to the UN's Global Goals for a Better World

At our core, we are deeply committed to the ambitious agenda set forth by the United Nations, known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals are a call to action for countries, businesses, and individuals around the world to come together in a unified effort to tackle the most pressing challenges of our time.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals consist of 17 interconnected objectives designed to achieve a more sustainable, fair, and resilient future for everyone. These goals address critical areas such as ending poverty and hunger, ensuring access to quality education and healthcare, tackling climate change, and striving for peace and justice across the globe.

Our dedication to these goals means that in everything we do, we aim to contribute positively to this global blueprint. We are constantly seeking ways to innovate and implement sustainable practices within our operations, invest in communities, and support initiatives that drive progress toward these critical objectives.

By aligning our efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we not only aim to make a lasting impact on the planet and its people but also to inspire others to join us in this vital journey towards a better, more sustainable future for all.



A young girl smiling at camera and counting cash

No Poverty

We provide young individuals with the knowledge and skills in managing money and starting their own businesses. This empowers them to enhance their financial situations and break free from the cycle of poverty. By learning skills that are applicable in real life, they are opened up to genuine opportunities.


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Good Health

People who understand their finances have an easier time getting good health care and making choices that keep them healthier. Life Hub helps people learn about money so they can pay for health care without stress, leading to healthier individuals and stronger communities.


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Quality Education

Our main goal is to enhance the quality of education by making it both exciting and easy to reach, particularly for communities that are often overlooked. To do this, we blend lessons on managing money wisely with the standard curriculum, paving the way for endless possibilities throughout life.


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Economic Growth

Life Hub offers unique educational programs that mix learning with practical experience in earning money. This approach encourages people to start their own businesses and create new jobs, which helps grow the economy and opens up good work opportunities for others.

SDG 10

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Reduced Inequalities

Life Hub is a program dedicated to making sure everyone, no matter where they come from, has the same chances to learn and to succeed in their careers. It works to close the gaps between different groups of people within countries and also between countries themselves, so everyone has a fair shot at a good education and job opportunities.

SDG 17

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Life Hub actively works to build strong relationships with thought leaders, financial institutions, schools, and micro schools, impact investors, tech firms, and community groups to improve education for everyone, everywhere. By using the latest technology, we aim to make a real difference in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are a set of global objectives designed to create a better world for all.