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Future-proof your Micro School students with the World’s first 'Learn to Earn' holistic education system that is endorsed by educators, trusted by parents, and loved by kids.

Life Hub teaches happy-life skills through a 360-degree learning experience. Perfectly suited for Micro School’s learner-centric approach, we merge financial literacy, career-readiness, and entrepreneurship education with real-world earning and hands on money-management. Our approach even includes a personal Life Hub Visa Rewards Card for every child – safe, secure, and branded with your school name.

Life Hub. Where learning pays off – literally.

"I have seen firsthand the power and intrinsic motivation cultivated from Life Hub.

Not only does the platform integrate learning with real-world skills but also rewards learners with cash earnings paid out in their Life Hub Wallet every Friday.

I have yet to see a more user-friendly and meaningful approach to financial literacy for learners as young as 8 years old."

Coi Morefield

Memphis Lab School

Why Life Hub
is the Perfect Match
for Your Micro School

As a visionary micro school educator, you're not just teaching subjects—you’re nurturing future leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers. You’ve chosen to break away from the constraints of traditional education to create a more personalized, engaging, and effective learning environment. But how can you ensure that your students are truly prepared for the future? That’s where Life Hub comes in.

Life Hub is more than an educational tool; it’s a comprehensive, adaptable, and holistic, ‘Learn to Earn’ system that aligns perfectly with the innovative spirit of micro-schools. 

Here’s how Life Hub can elevate your micro-school experience

Holistic Skill Development:

Micro schools thrive on providing a well-rounded education. Life Hub goes beyond traditional academics by integrating experiential financial literacy, career readiness, and entrepreneurship into into your classroom. Your students will gain practical life-readiness skills that prepare them for real-world challenges, making your micro-school a beacon of future-ready education.

Personalized and Engaging Learning:

Life Hub offers over 1,500 edu-jobs tailored to various interests and skill levels. These educational tasks allow students to earn real money, providing a tangible and motivating reward for their efforts. By making learning fun and rewarding, Life Hub keeps students engaged and eager to learn more.

Trust and Credibility:

As a micro-school educator, you understand the importance of trust. Life Hub is endorsed by educators and trusted by parents, giving you a powerful tool to demonstrate your commitment to quality education. This trust can help you attract and retain families who are looking for the best educational experience for their children.

Financial Literacy from an Early Age:

Life Hub teaches students to manage money through real-world applications. With the Life Hub Visa Rewards card, students learn to save, spend, give, and invest. These skills are crucial for their future financial independence and security, making your micro-school an incubator for financially savvy individuals.

Preparing Students for the Future Job Market:

In today’s rapidly changing world, traditional education often falls short in preparing students for the workforce. Life Hub’s focus on career and work readiness and entrepreneurship ensures that your students are equipped with the skills needed to thrive in any industry. This forward-thinking approach sets your micro-school apart as a leader in innovative education.

A Personal Note to Educators and Parents

To the dedicated educators and passionate parents shaping the future of our children, Life Hub is more than an educational tool—it’s a revolution in how we approach learning. As a micro-school educator, you’re already making strides in providing a tailored and high-quality education. Let Life Hub amplify your efforts with its innovative, engaging, and future-ready platform.

Together, we can ensure that every child not only learns but thrives, equipped with the skills they need for a happy, successful, and financially secure future.

Warm regards,
Life Hub Team

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Learn More About Life Hub

360 Degree Future Proof Education

Financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work and career readiness education, combined with real-world income and hands-on money management. Our real-world earning and banking style tools, including a fee-free Life Hub Visa Rewards Card, set them up for success and happiness in adulthood.

Financial Literacy

Directly influences future job security, stable housing, and overall health by enabling kids to manage debt, save effectively, and invest in their futures.


Fosters creativity and strategic thinking, enabling future ability to launch and manage businesses, drive economic innovation, and create jobs.

Career &
Work Readiness

Prepares kids with critical skills to enter and thrive in the workforce, adapting to evolving industry demands and securing stable employment.

How Life Hub Works

Learn Work Skills by edu jobs

Kids do Edu-Jobs to Earn Real
Cash Rewards

Learn Work Skills by edu jobs

Kids Perform Edu-Jobs to Earn Real Cash

  • Job Center with 1,500+ edu-jobs designed by educators & experts.
  • 87 topics & subject matters like business, STEM, careers, AI & finance.
  • Video-based quizzes, mini-courses, programs, curriculums, & lessons.
  • Perform edu-jobs with Microsoft 365 & Google Docs.
  • Gamified learning with financial, & numeracy edu-games.
  • Earn $1 to $5 for edu-jobs with pre-set monthly earn budgets.
  • Self-directed, self-paced learning based on interests, & goals.
  • Scheduled assignments & goals.
  • Badges, certifications, awards, tokenizations & Life Points.
  • On-app asynchronous messaging & job coaching by educators.
  • Prescriptive & adaptive learning.

Kids Save, Spend, Give & Invest the Cash Rewards They Earned

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