For a New Age of

Social Impact


For a New Age of

Social Impact

Partnerships to Advance
Youth Economic Opportunities

We partner with small and medium-sized businesses, corporations (CSR), philanthropists, sports and entertainment, foundations, social impact organizations, non-profits, and governments to advance economic opportunities for students across the nation. Sponsorships by our partners enable us to execute our mission to impact the lives of students by empowering them to learn and develop financial skills including earning, saving, giving, investing, and spending beginning with earning with Life Hub Jobs.

Partnership Benefits

Published Recognition

Recognition of you on our website homepage
and sponsors page with your logo
and website link

Proof of Impact

Non-personal performance learning data
for proof of progress, value
and impact

Social Impact Supporter

Acknowledgment that you are an active
supporter of social and economic causes
for students

Social Media Shout Out

A big thank you to you on all our social
media including LinkedIn, Facebook,
Twitter, and Instagram

Podcasts & Blogs

Warm acknowledgment of your support
with your name and website in our podcasts
and blogs

Tax-Deductible Donation

Through our non-profit Electus Life Education Foundation, Inc, as a non-profit 506 c3, your donation is tax-deductible


Partnerships support our nationwide initiative

Your sponsorship funds are used to support and administer our nationwide initiative commencing with Life Hub Jobs as phase one.

Students are given the opportunity to perform edu-tasks and jobs online, earn cash and rewards, save and spend with their Life Hub Wallet.

Your sponsorship funds enable us to facilitate the program including paying out students for performing these edu-tasks and jobs.

As a partner and sponsor, you will receive various quarterly non-personal data and information pertaining to users’ performance for empirical evidence of value and proof of impact.

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