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Job Designs for Children
Aged 7 to 12

Job Designers design edu-tasks, jobs, and projects for children aged 7 to 12 across the nation. Your designs should be relevant in the context of the real-world based on a broad variety of different topics and subjects including the environment, money, and life.

Here are some samples or examples of the type of edu-tasks, jobs, and projects you can design and publish to the Job Center on Life Hub Jobs.

The Edu-Tasks and Jobs

History of humanity. Culture, religion and history of American people.

Personal Finance

Saving and investing. Value of being good at personal finance.


How humanity came up with an idea of having pets. Significance of taking care of pets. Who is better friend for you – cat, dog or gold fish.


Father of physics – Galileo Galilei. Physics in simple words. Interesting «apple law».


Number of our planet in solar system. Why does life exist on our planet. Changes and difficulties our planet had thru centuries.


Easy definition of exciting science. National science day.


What are the reasons for going in school and who made school. Who invented homework and why it can be interesting and useful for your future.


FIrst human in space and first animals there. Day when first American astronaut landed on the moon. How many planets in our solar system and how the sun works.


Positive effects of sports. Benefits of sports discipline in daily life. Sports scholarship for colleges and universities.

Stock Market

Is it worth buying stocks. Easy steps to understand how stock market work.


How technology affecting on our life. Greatest invents in tech world. Is technology good or bad?


Who invented TV, and how TV was changing from the beginning and till our days.


Purpose of volunteering and why it is important to be involved in help to people or animals.


Importance of wildlife for ecologic. Rare breeds of wild animals in the Red Book. Wildlife in the US area.


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