The Topics & Subjects

Topics in the Context
of the Real-World

Job Designers design and create edu-tasks, and jobs based on a wide variety of different topics and subjects many of which will be already familiar to children aged 6 to 16. The edu-tasks and jobs are designed in the context of the real world in order to provide children with more relevant and relatable learning experiences.

This is a listing of some of the topics and subjects for the edu-tasks, and jobs designed by our Job Designers.

Armed Forces

History of the United States Armed Forces and understanding who the service branches are and their role in defending and protecting the United States, who commands them and forms military policy.


General information about the automotive industry, and its history. Fun facts about cars and the industry as a whole that children can relate to.


What is aviation in general and what types of airplanes there are, like civilian and military? Understanding who the people are in aviation like pilots, cabin crew, flight dispatchers.


The study about living organisms and how the human and animal bodies work. Facts about Biology like who is the father of biology and why this subject is important for humanity in the context of medicine and health.


Learning about business and entrepreneurship and the basic rules and skills needed to start, grow and manage a successful business. Knowing how to legally set a business in states and paying taxes.


The history of construction and architecture framed in easy-to-understand ways including famous designers, architects, and builders of some of the most recognizable structures in the US and around the world.

Charity & Giving

Understanding the practice of charity and giving and its importance to communities and societies in general. Learning empathy and generosity by giving to the less fortunate.


The study of chemistry and its origins. Understanding the role chemistry plays in our everyday life and the influence it has on many things including personal health and industry.

Civic Engagement

What is civic engagement and how it promotes the quality of life in communities. How civic engagement is important including volunteering and participating in youth civic groups like Boys and Girls Club and YMCA.


A basic understanding of climate and weather and how it varies from different parts of the world. What is climate change and how it could affect life on earth for humans and animals.


Cooking is the art, science, and craft of using heat to prepare food. History of cooking and different types of cuisines from around the world including some famous chefs and restaurants.


Understanding what colleges and universities are and the role they play in creating well-educated people and a workforce. Show how some universities are better suited for certain career choices and what it takes to enroll in them.


Understanding the art of communication and how to use it effectively in life and career. Explain the importance of smart communications and how necessary it is in all aspects of life.

Community Service

Understanding what community service is and how important it is to give back to your community. Examples of what community service is and how you can get involved in community service.


The history of computers and software. Knowing the people and companies who first invented computers and computing, the recognizable names in computing today including Microsoft.


Best definition of economics in simple words. Why is it important. Base knowledge of economics.


Study of electricity and how to use that to build things like computers. Father of electronic – sir John Ambrose Fleming.


Importance of entertainment in our life is the same as importance of work. Here we will give you some advices how to have some fun.


Types of characteristic of entrepreneurs. How difficult is entrepreneurship and its features.


Best definition of environment. How we can protect our environment and why it is helpful to humans.

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